Welcome to Contra Squad

A collection of 12000 squad members living in the Contra Squad Metaverse. Contra Squad NFTs are 3D avatars featuring over 100 traits crafted algorithmically to form rare and unique NFTs.

Owning a Contra Squad NFT automatically makes you a member of the exclusive Contra Squad. What's more, holders get to enjoy exclusive benefits in a development oriented roadmap.

As a Dev-led project, Contra Squad will feature solid utility solely customized to reward holders by providing value and long-term returns on their investment.

Whitelist Collection

Visit the Whitelist Page to Submit Your address

The Contra Squad whitelist is divided into 4 Stages with different mint prices and prizes. The pricing is designed to reflect the amount of work needed to grow the project and deliver on the promised utility. At the same time we want to award early adopters and also get enough funds to market the project before public mint. 

Early Adopters Whitelist
Mint Price: 0.08
Squad Cap: 50
Automatic Entry into 1 ETH raffle
Contra OGs Whitelist
Mint Price: 0.15
Squad Cap: 1000
Automatic Entry into 2 ETH raffle
General Whitelist
Mint Price: 0.2
Squad Cap: 3000
Automatic Entry into 3 ETH raffle
Public Sale Price
Mint Price: 0.3
Automatic Entry into 4 ETH raffle
Note: The raffle prizes will be shared to several winners per whitelist group.


Development Roadmap

Phase 01
The first Start
In preparation of the drop, the Discord channel, website and official social links will be created to support community interactions. The NFT community will be awarded whitelists through giveaways with a criteria based on engagements, collaborations, competitions and other activities.
Phase 02
Contra Squad Drop
The drop distribution will be randomized after mint to ensure fairness in the distribution. A whitelist only mint will be first followed by, with funds being used to promote the collection. A public mint will follow, and shortly after the reveal.
Phase 03
Exclusive Contra Squad Club
Contra Squad is a community oriented collection supported by the community and built for the community. In-line with this, holders will be part of an exclusive club where squad members can interact, receive counsel, get updates and receive first dibs on roadmap developments and other collaborations.
Phase 04
Exclusive Merch
Contra Squad Merch will follow after mint with holders getting first dibs on the limited collection.
Phase 05
Token Airdrop
A custom token will follow after launch and will be airdropped to the squad. The token will power the Contra Squad ecosystem and be the backbone of Contra Squad development roadmap.
Phase 06
A Long-term Project
This is a long-term project and a development oriented collection that will provide value to the community for years to come.

Everyone is welcome to join the Squad, LET'S GO!
The team


3D artist and a blockchain DEV looking to create a meaningful and impactful project in web3. With a development background, I aim to grow this project to new heights through a development oriented roadmap. The goal is to create an entire eco-system around this project to provide continuous value to holders.

Blockchain Developer and 3D artist


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Frequently Asked Questions

When will Contra Squad Launch?

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Launched date is aimed for before mid July.

What will the price be at launch?

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Presale: Check the whitelist tiers
Public sale: 0.3 ETH

How do I get a Contra Squad NFT?

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If you get whitelisted you can buy in the presale otherwise you can buy in the public sale. When we are sold out you will be able to get one on the secondary market on Opensea.

How to earn a whitelist spot?

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Follow Contra Squad on Twitter, Join Discord and submit your address.

I got a discount in my DM. Is this real?

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No. Discord DMs are scams. Close them to avoid annoying spam, phishing and social engineering attempts.


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No, I will never DM you first to offer mouth-watering goodies. Keep that in mind! 

Is the WL role permanent?

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No. Violating the Discord server rules will lead to your whitelist getting stripped off. Just be civil and have fun.

Can I be a mod

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Yes. When the discord grows I will free some spots for mods. Stay active in the server to get considered.

Will there be a stealth mint?

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No, only presale(whitelist) and public sale. Do not trust any announcements contrary to the same.

Is there a MAX mint for public and presale?

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